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DJ Sahnede


Do you wonder what kind of academic background Findike has and what professional experience his has? He is proud to share with you his professional background, teaching qualifications and where he studied. Please contact for more information.

Findike started his DJ career by making his mark on the Istanbul music scene for the first time in 2006. At the time, he gained a reputation as one of the most innovative Producer DJs of his era. Presenting a new sound to his listeners with his original pieces using improvisations from unconventional music genres, Findike has come a long way in his DJ career since his first song.

Findike has produced many highly anticipated originals since 2006, when it entered the German music market. With his sound that combines many different music genres, he put forward a style that pushes the limits musically. Findike, who has collaborated with the leading names of the music community, defines himself as a leader as a Producer DJ and breaks new ground in modern music by bringing new approaches to traditional styles.

Initially, with nothing but a second-hand pc device and a selection of systems, Findike made a splash among Istanbul Producer DJs in 2006. Since then, he has earned a reputation for his creative dark and original style. With a series of ambitious tracks and extraordinary performances, Findike has achieved a feat that few Producers and DJs can match. It's a very demanding job, but if I were born again, I would still be a Producer DJ," says Findike.

DJ Sahnede
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