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Findike Improvisation Composer Producer

“Findike’s greatest strength is his ability to effective himself from the crowd that believes intensity goes fans in hand with volume, improviser and excessive effects. He brings a sense of balance and measure to the music that allows him to build tension by contrast, not bombast.”


My Approach

I have always been producer by the fans of suspense and the power of mystery in digitaly. My improvisation to producing compelling and unforgettable progressive is rooted in my passion for creating intense, thought-provoking, and progressive experiences that leave a lasting impact on the audience. I look forward to continuing to craft produce music that challenge, entertain, and push the darkness of the thriller genre.

Emrah Findik, actually you know him as Findike. Emrah Findik aka Findike.He was born in Langen, Germany, on April 16, 1977. The artist is from Istanbul and currently lives in a small town of Sakarya. The successful Producer reveals an energetic, dark improvisation with his blended works. Findike, which attracted attention with its extraordinary musical style, first entered the studio in 2006. Reveals his unique style
He entered the world electronic music market with his edits for many famous artists.

Live & Studio

Emrah Findik, actually you have heard him many times under the name Findike. The artist name is Findike. The successful artist released his first single called A Land Of Darkness in 2016 from a the record company in from Argentina. It reveals a dark improvisation. Findike, who attracted attention with her extraordinary and surprising style, first entered the studio in 2006, where she revealed her original style. This little guy managed to enter the world lists with his extraordinary edits for many famous artists.

Professional Skills

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Deep & Darrk Underground Music

Findike’s studios improvisations deep and dark underground music

Tuning By


Findike Studies

Findike’s studios improvisations continue to surprise fans

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Our Story

Our story at Findike began with a producer aiming to revolutionize creative music. Over the years, we have honed our craft and crafted electronic improvisations. We are committed to pushing boundaries, creating new depths, and inspiring others to listen us on this incredible journey.


I dedicate myself to pushing boundaries, innovating new music, and curating the latest trending sounds in the industry through relentless hard work and dedication.


That’s great to hear you enjoy researching and creating music! Keep up the good work crafting original music that reflects your passion and expertise. If you need tips or guidance, feel free to reach out for more information.


Collaborative music work is at the core of our process, where we encourage producers to strive for groundbreaking solutions.

Exceptional production! Findike goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their fans. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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